Child, Mental Health, and Addiction Recovery Consulting



David Marcus M.S.

President & Founder

David is the single father of two special-needs children, aged 10 and 16.  He has interfaced with many agencies, including DCF, DMHAS, DDS, and the CT Family Law system, including Connecticut Family Relations, and various attorneys, including guardian ad litem, and Attorneys for the Minor Children.  He is a 2016 graduate of the Parent Leadership Training Institute, is a graduate of Advocacy Unlimited, enrolled in the 2018 Fatherhood Initiative Program, an advocate and trainer for the National Alliance For the Mentally Ill CT, and an advocate for Family Forward Advocacy, Inc.  He has been acknowledged by the Connecticut General Assembly Legiislators for his advocacy efforts.  He has also submitted written and oral testimony to the legislative bodies in the areas of mental health and family law, has made radio appearances for advocacy issues, and televised appearances on CT-N Cable Network for his Parent Leadership Training Institute graduation speech, as well as offering televised testimonials at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.  He also serves as a member of The Alliance For Childhood Mental Health ("ACMH").  This has assisted him in advocating for children in such areas as Autism Spectrum Disorder, those with psychopharmacological issues, Reactive Attachment Disorder, children with childhood behavior disorders, as well as advocating in childhood education, and attends Special Education PPT's in-school and design of IEP's for these students.  Additionally, he advocates for substance abuse recovery as well.

in 2017, David attended the Childcare Aware Of America conference in Washington, D.C. as the representative for Connecticut, and meeting with senators and representatives on Capitol Hill to discuss pertinent child care issues affecting the state.  He has met with Senator Murphy's office in Hartford as well to discuss Custody For Care issues affecting the state.

David has professional experience with such companies as IBM and General Electric in Information Technology,  including network architecture, network engineering, and computer programmi, and holds the office of Notary Public in the State Of Connecticut, as well as active in S.C.O.R.E events